Character Design for animation, illustration, comics and corporate identity.

For many years now I have been teaching Character Design at Sheridan College,

where I encourage students to design characters to their animation level. The right design for the right purpose. Once your character concept is done, the job of exploring your character from every angle begins. Sequence posing allows you to find your performance as you realize what needs to get tweeked (or completely revised) along the way. The strength of pulling off design elements must be tempered with the knowledge of knowing when your creation is done. This often leads to simplification, the hardest thing. The ultimate goal. Once fully born though, seeing your characters interact within a story context is to have them take the stage.

To design great characters is to begin answering the “important questions” like, “Why does Mickey Mouse wear pants and no shirt and Porky Pig a shirt and no pants? ”

Some things we may never know.